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  • Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber - PlanetShopper
    Save 14%

    Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber

    Original Price $69.95
    Current Price $59.95

    Deeply cleanse your skin with the ultrasonic skin scrubber 🌸 DEEP FACIAL CLEANSE — Through high-frequency vibration, the skin spatula  cleans ...

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  • Magic Clothes Hanger - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Magic Clothes Hanger

    from Original Price $9.99
    from $4.97

    Increase Storage Space & Keep Your Closet Organized If you live in a small apartment with limited closet space, then these magic clothes ...

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  • Cable Organizer (Adhesive Included) - PlanetShopper

    Cable Organizer (Adhesive Included)

    from $4.95

    Keep your desk and floor free of messy cable and cords with these easy to install silicone cable organizers! They can be installed on the side of y...

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  • Save 50%

    Undershelf Hooks For Cabinets

    Original Price $19.97
    Current Price $9.99

    Say Goodbye to cluttered cabinets and messy countertops! Free up entire cabinets and countertop by hanging your mugs, towel, oven gloves, utensils ...

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  • Mop & Broom Holder - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Mop & Broom Holder

    from Original Price $19.95
    from $9.95

    Keep your toilet and laundry room organized with these wall mounted mop holder! They come with a peel off adhesive that can withstand 13 lbs lo...

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  • Save 50%

    Stove Burner Covers

    Original Price $19.95
    Current Price $9.95

    Absorb splatter and spills with this stove burner covers. Easy to maintain and clean with a damp cloth or a dishwasher. Reusable Made of glass fibe...

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  • Reusable Labels - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Reusable Labels

    from Original Price $29.95
    from $14.95

    Organize your kitchen cabinets, pantry and craft room with this easy to use labels.   Simply write on the sticker directly and paste it onto your...

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  • Closet Organizer and Shirt Folder - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Closet Organizer and Shirt Folder

    from Original Price $17.99
    from $8.99

    Say Goodbye to messy closet, drawers and piles of shirts! Each stacking shelf acts as a thin and flexible divider to help you organize your clo...

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  • Happy Musical Cake Candle - PlanetShopper
    Save 51%

    Happy Musical Cake Candle

    Original Price $13.95
    Current Price $6.85

    Surprise your loved ones when cutting the birthday cake! Make it the most memorable birthday party by using this magical cake candles! Product De...

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  • Solar Flower Lamp - PlanetShopper

    Solar Flower Lamp

    from $19.99

    Beautify your garden with these waterproof self powered night lamp! They turn off automatically in the day and light up at night by itself. Availab...

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  • All In One Makeup Organizer - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    All In One Makeup Organizer

    Original Price $59.97
    Current Price $29.97

    The Amazing Makeup Organizer to Keep Clutter At Bay Keep bottles upright, prevent spills and organize your space with the all in one makeup org...

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  • Cooking Lid & Utensils Holder - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Cooking Lid & Utensils Holder

    Original Price $19.95
    Current Price $9.95

    This utensil tray will keep your table clean and organized even as you cook, no more dirty table and disorganized kitchen! It holds 1 cooking...

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  • Extendable Sink Storage Rack - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Extendable Sink Storage Rack

    Original Price $59.95
    Current Price $29.95

    This extendable kitchen drainer lets you dry your utensils, cutleries, fruits & vegetables, defrost frozen food and more! It can be extende...

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  • Solar Pineapple Lamp (2 Packs) - PlanetShopper
    Save 30%

    Solar Pineapple Lamp (2 Packs)

    Original Price $35.66
    Current Price $24.95

    Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside! These pineapple solar lights will beautify and add a soft warm glow to your home and gar...

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  • 360 Hands Free Microfiber - PlanetShopper
    Save 54%

    360 Hands Free Microfiber

    from Original Price $38.95
    from $17.95

    No More squeezing dirty mop head! This X shape mop squeezes waste water out without you ever twisting dry the mop pads. It combines the functionali...

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  • Solar Owl Lamp - PlanetShopper
    Save 10%

    Solar Owl Lamp

    from Original Price $26.66
    from $23.95

    Create a warm, welcoming and romantic atmosphere to your guest or family with these the solar powered owl lamp! Just charge them under sunlig...

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  • Drill Free Broom & Mop Holder - PlanetShopper
    Save 20%

    Drill Free Broom & Mop Holder

    Original Price $12.50
    Current Price $9.95

    If you have cleaning supplies taking over your bathroom, kitchen, or garage shelving. Drill Free Broom & Mop Holder Then, you might want to dec...

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  • Dresser Drawer Organizers - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Dresser Drawer Organizers

    from Original Price $29.98
    from $14.97

    Increase storage space in your dresser drawers, keeping everything neat and organized. The bra organizer protects your bra from getting wrinkled an...

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  • Magnetic Fridge Shelf - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Magnetic Fridge Shelf

    Original Price $79.95
    Current Price $39.95

    Need more space in your kitchen but don't want to drill? Then this magnetic fridge shelf is the perfect choice to stay organized! No drills or ...

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