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Closet Organization

  • Magic Clothes Hanger - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Magic Clothes Hanger

    from Original Price $9.99
    from $4.97

    Increase Storage Space & Keep Your Closet Organized If you live in a small apartment with limited closet space, then these magic clothes ...

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  • Closet Organizer and Shirt Folder - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Closet Organizer and Shirt Folder

    from Original Price $17.99
    from $8.99

    Say Goodbye to messy closet, drawers and piles of shirts! Each stacking shelf acts as a thin and flexible divider to help you organize your clo...

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  • Dresser Drawer Organizers - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Dresser Drawer Organizers

    from Original Price $29.98
    from $14.97

    Increase storage space in your dresser drawers, keeping everything neat and organized. The bra organizer protects your bra from getting wrinkled an...

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  • Shoe Organizer - PlanetShopper
    Save 51%

    Shoe Organizer

    from Original Price $38.85
    from $18.85

    Organize your shoes, reduce the clutter from your closet, shoe cabinet and floor with this shoe organizer. It's Dual layer design holds the sho...

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  • 24 Pockets Over The Door Organizer - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    24 Pockets Over The Door Organizer

    Original Price $39.97
    Current Price $19.97

    Declutter and Increase storage space instantly with the over door organizer. No installation required, just hang over the door! It has 24 pockets ...

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  • 6pcs Luggage Organizer - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    6pcs Luggage Organizer

    Original Price $35.99
    Current Price $17.99

    Packing is one of the toughest task to do whenever you about to on a trip. Our 6pcs Luggage Organizer helps you pack all your clothes and necessiti...

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  • 4pcs Closet Undergarment Organizer - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    4pcs Closet Undergarment Organizer

    Original Price $49.95
    Current Price $24.95

    Keep your closet and drawers neat and organized with the 4 pcs undergarment organizer. Made of mold-proof non-woven fabric. Use it for your underw...

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  • Over Door Hanger - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Over Door Hanger

    Original Price $29.95
    Current Price $14.95

    These over the door hooks are perfect if you need more hanging space and want to organize your home! They require no installation and can be us...

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  • Extendable Organization Shelf - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Extendable Organization Shelf

    from Original Price $59.95
    from $29.95

    Add an extra shelf to your closet or anywhere in your home with these no drill extendable shelf. It requires no drilling and can be moved from ...

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  • 4 Layer Closet Storage Rack - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    4 Layer Closet Storage Rack

    from Original Price $49.95
    from $24.95

    Keeping a house organized can be difficult and stressful. This closet shelf organizer eases the the process and makes tidying and organizing your...

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  • Space Saving Closet Organizer - PlanetShopper
    Save 37%

    Space Saving Closet Organizer

    Original Price $26.97
    Current Price $16.97

    Increase Closet Storage Space Instantly The 5 in 1 space saving closet organizer is a great way to increase storage space and hangs more clothes wi...

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  • Non Slip Stackable Hanger - PlanetShopper
    Save 50%

    Non Slip Stackable Hanger

    Original Price $19.97
    Current Price $9.97

    Plan your daily wear by stacking matching top, bottom, handbag and accessories together. These mini clothes hanger also help utilize vertical stora...

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